How to Survive Alone in the Woods for a Week or More

How to Survive Alone in the Woods for a Week or More

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As a longtime survival enthusiast, I have trained with some of the greatest survival instructors in the United States. Plus, I have watched thousands of YouTube videos and read nearly 100 survival books. One thing I began to notice is some people have a way of teaching that makes them very easy to understand and remember. Others teach in such a way where it’s hard to retain any information at all. Tom Mcelroy is one of those teachers who knows how to convey information in an easy to understand way. In this video Tom lives off the land with only a knife in the Eastern Woodlands of America. During his week stay in the woods Tom stayed relatively warm, dry, and well fed. Eating primarily wild edibles and fish he was able to maintain a comfortable caloric intake level. Watch this video to discover Tom’s methods for primitive fire making, shelter building, primitive cooking tactics, water purification, wild edible plant identification, and even fish traps! Of all the survival videos i’ve seen on the net, this has to be one of the best. Unfortunately, not all these skill sets will transfer in different environments. With that said, Tom’s video about how to survive alone in the wilderness for 1 week is a must watch. Become more self-sufficient and learn solo survival tactics to live off the land for a week or more.

Of all the survival instructors i’ve seen, Tom Mcelroy is one of my favorite. His practical but effective techniques are exactly the type of thing that will keep you alive for an extended period deep in the wilderness.

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