New Survival Gear 2022

New Survival Gear

New Survival Gear for 2022

Being a veteran and reminiscing about the military, nothing made war games and camping better than having high quality survival gear. From night vision goggles to canteens, there will be very limited excitement and fun without having the right equipment that will keep you in tact while out in nature. And for nature enthusiasts and other outdoorsmen, having the latest survival gear and gadgets makes the enjoyment of the outdoors and activities even more exciting. Having said that, the following consists of new survival gear for 2022:

a picture of a benjamin pioneer airbowBenjamin Pioneer Airbow

Features full weight broadheads and full length arrows which are both driven by air. It can be cocked and uncocked easily with two fingers. It also can fire eight shots in the same time period as shooting three from a crossbow.

 a picture of an outdoor edge harpoon knife

Outdoor Edge Harpoon Knife

A practical outdoor knife converting into a spear and harpoon, the 550 Paracord handle is easily removed to utilize the blade into the green shaft or blade holder. A storage compartment is also included for fire starters, matches, fish hooks, and emergency items. Additionally, the blade holder cap has a liquid filled compass, and the belt loop can be removed to convert the strong, nylon belt sheath into a blade cover.

 a picture of a ten point venom xtra

TenPoint Venom Xtra

A XLT bow and woven carbon fiber barrel assembly and a heirloom-quality and classic stock established a benchmark for crossbow performance and aesthetics.

a picture of a wk II rescue axe

WK II Rescue Axe

Built for a military extraction and rescue team. It can be used when power tools are not unavailable, or when they fail. Sensitive equipment, casualties, and survivors can be removed from ground vehicles and crashed aircraft.

 a picture of a ten point carbon nitro rdx crossbow

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX

This equipment won an award called the 2016 Field & Stream Best of the Test. It also won the Petersen’s Hunting Editor’s Choice Award. Its features include an adjustable C3 carbon stock, an ultra-light carbon fiber barrel, and a 10-in axle to axle when cocked.

 a picture of an outdoor edge brush demon

Outdoor Edge Brush Demon

This tool has a 13.5″ blade made out of 65Mn carbon spring-steel. It also is convex shaped with a black powdered coat. With its rubberized handle, the knife is really secure and comfortable for non-slipping, slicing, and chopping.

 a picture of a Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman

Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman

This is a nifty, multi-tool that is considered a favorite of many people’s dads. It’s a five inch, and sharp hatchet blade. The blade cover is a protective hatchet. Also, when not utilized, the saw blades can be conveniently stored in its handle.

 a picture of a strobe flashlight

Strobe Flashlight

This type of flashlight can also be used for defense as well as for its light. Strobe flashlights are small and durable and a must for any survival packet.

If you don’t have a strobe flashlight it’s important to at least have one or two general flashlights. Find one that’s waterproof and stock up on plenty of batteries.

 a picture of a herny 410 lever action shotgun

Henry Lever Actions

Includes two .410 bore shotguns that are excellent for small, gauge shotgunning through fast, handling platform. Sometimes it’s too much power for a 12 or 20. Other features of this weapon include the following: .45-70 lever action, blue steel-framed, tube-loading magazines for five shots and 2.5″ shells, pistol grip wrists, sling swivel studs, checkering fore and aft, and a thick, non-slip, ventilated black rubber, recoil pad located at the rear.

 a picture of a carbon express covert cx-3 sl+ crossbow

Carbon Express Crossbows

It delivers premium performance for novice, crossbow hunters with an adaptable fit, 320 feet per second, and repeatable accuracy. It’s five percent lighter than the competition which also enables a higher chance of accuracy and feet per second. Other high quality features include an adjustable butt-stock, an extruded aluminum rail, and an adjustable fore grip.

 a picture of a SOG quake XL assisted folding knife

SOG Quake

one of their manufacturers’ biggest folding knives, it’s powered by their manufacturer’s SAT 2, i.e. SOG Assisted Technology. With this technology, the blade is propelled open with just a thumb push. This tool has a cross guard that folds in to close the knife. It also is used as a lever to open up the knife. All of this is done instead of using a thumb stud. And lastly, this knife has a forged aluminum handle, a thick, dual-tone, VG-10 blade, and full length stainless steel liners.


When it comes to new survival gear, these are among the most popular for the year. With these new gadgets, there will be more enjoyment of the outdoors. Activities will be a lot more exciting also with all the amazing features. Their features make for great performance and durability, such as the blade holder cap possessing a liquid filled compass, an adaptable fit, 320 feet per second, two .410 bore shotguns that are excellent for small, gauge shotgunning, and a XLT bow and woven carbon fiber barrel assembly. With these features and more, these latest survival gear are great investments. And they come with a guarantee/warranty.


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