Ultimate Survival Gear List

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What are the Ultimate Survival Gear?

Without any gear, one is hopeless while stranded out in the wilderness. After all, why start a fire with sticks when one can simply bring a lighter. Those who prepare will be so relieved when their gear comes in handy, which it definitely will. Make certain to bring these 12 vital pieces of gear while going out in the wilderness.

1. Knife

Without a doubt, one of the most important pieces of gear is a knife, preferably a heavy duty one, such as a Ka Bar. A heavy duty knife is especially useful for cutting heavy branches for tinder. However, bring smaller knifes as well, as they have their uses.

a picture of a strobe flashlight2. Flashlight

Definitely bring a high powered flashlight, along with plenty of batteries. A flashlight is a must, especially when dealing with unknown things in the wilderness. LED flashlights are highly recommend, as they conserve energy very well and are quite powerful. Bring an extra just in case one gets lost.

 a picture of a survival backpack

3. Hiking Backpack

Although this one may sound obvious, it’s important to get a backpack that’s specifically designed for hiking, allowing one to carry all their gear. Make sure it’s very sturdy and somewhat camouflaged. Most importantly, make sure it’s waterproof as well.

4. Knife Sharpener

After heavy use, one’s knife will quickly start to dull, making it exceedingly difficult to cut wood. Having a knife sharpener or sharpening stone will prevent this hassle entirely. Just make sure to learn how to correctly sharpen a knife.

5. Lighter and Magnifying Glass

Don’t only bring multiple lighters, but a magnifying glass as well, in case the lighters run out. Alternatively, one can also bring flint and steel, or whatever else works. The idea is to have more than enough backup fire tools.

6. Tinder

One won’t always be able to find tinder throughout the wilderness, especially if it’s raining, so make sure to bring plenty of it in case. Great tinder includes wood punk, char cloth, dried out fungus and other things of the like.

7. Canteen

A canteen gives one the ability to collect water from just about any source. Without this, one’s in serious trouble. Better yet, bring some type of water purifying device, just in case the water sources are unclean. If that’s not an option, bring a metal pot to boil the water and purify it that way.

8. Blankets or Sleeping Bag

Weather and temperature can change very quickly, so be safe and bring a good blanket, preferably sleeping bag, just in case. Also, bring a pillow or two for added comfort, as sleeping on a rock isn’t comfortable.

9. Rifle

Aside from hunting purposes, one will need a rifle just in case they’re attacked by a predatory animal, such as a mountain lion. Bring plenty of ammo as well. More importantly, make sure to comply with all laws when doing this.

10. Cooking Utensils

If there’s one thing one doesn’t want to forget on this list, it’s cooking utensils. Be sure to bring at least one large pot and pan. Don’t over pack though, as things can get heavy really quick. This also includes things such as spoons and stirring spoons as well.a picture of a arcturus survival tarp11. Tarp

Just in case it rains, which it likely will, bring a waterproof tarp, along with ropes to tie it down to trees. This will provide sufficient shelter from not only rain, but falling debris as well. Ideally, it should be no smaller than 10 by 10 feet.

a picture of a survival first aid kit12. First Aid Kit and Medicine

Injuries are almost inevitable when being out in the wilderness for extended periods of time, so carry a complete first aid kit, along with medicine, including advil, aspirin, imodium and anything else one can think of.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty more things that one will want to bring during such an adventure, but these are the bare necessities. One of the smartest things one can do is to bring a person or more with them, just in case anything goes wrong, one will have plenty of kind helping hands.

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