10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Survival Enthusiasts

10-amazing-gifts-for-survival-enthusiastsChristmas is just around the corner and everyones looking for the perfect gift idea. Well, if there’s a survival enthusiast in your family you came to the right place. In this action packed blog i’m going to disclose the top 10 amazing gift ideas for the outdoorsman, woodsman, hunter, target shooter, or all around survival enthusiast in your life. These gifts are not the average cooker cutter survival items you can buy at your big box store, instead these are gifts for the mans man who has it all. Without further ado, the top ten amazing gift ideas for that badass in your life.

10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Survivalists

These gift ideas range from expensive to stocking stuffers. Each item has been used and tested in the field and is guaranteed to satisfy the prepper, outdoorsman, hunter, and all around survival enthusiast in your family or circle of friends.

1. Survivalist Camps Bug Out Trailers


These amazing trailers are built for life on the road. Made from much higher-quality material than your standard trailer, this is the perfect solution for a bug out location that’s mobile. My favorite feature of the Survivalist Camp Trailer is the wood fireplace. Let’s face it, propane eventually runs out, making a wood fireplace the perfect backup heating system. The Survivalist Camp trailers can be customized or choose a pre-made design that fits your lifestyle. http://www.survivalistcamps.com/

2. Benchmade Bushcrafter Fixed Blade Knife


The Benchmade Bushcrafter is my choice for the top fixed blade knife on the market today. The Bushcrafter is a full tang knife with a stainless steel blade that retails for around $180. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of different knives, but this one is by far my favorite. With this blade Benchmade has struck the perfect balance between size, strength, and craftsmanship. Made in the USA with S3oV 4.43 Inch high ground drop-point stainless steel blade and a perfect contoured G10 handle. Plus, Benchmade has added 3 evenly spaced holes in the handle to give you the option to lash the knife onto a stick as a spear or weapon. From the first time you pick up this knife you will love the ergonomics and balance of the blade. If you only have a budget for one knife this year, make it the Benchmade Bushcrafter.

3. Rubber Dummies Shooting Target

The Rubber Dummies target is my new favorite toy at the range. The Rubber Dummies self healing target is made from 100% recycled material that allows the bullet to pass through with minimum damage to the rubber. Plus, the target takes on a human silhouette which is much more realistic than shooting a piece of cardboard. With that said, these targets are by no way a replacement for steel targets, but they do provide different type of training. If your looking for a great new toy to play with at the range this year I highly recommend Rubber Dummies.

4. 100% Wool Blanket


Synthetic sleeping bags and blankets are great, but nothing compares to 100% wool. If your adventures into the woods last more than a weekend then you should consider wool products. Wool is breathable, fire resistant, and will last a lot longer in the bush than synthetic products. The one major downside to wool is it’s heavier than synthetics, so it’s not the best choice for ultra-light backpackers. With that said, one of the major benefits of a wool blanket is you can sleep right next to a fire without having to worry about hot embers burning holes in your sleeping bag. This factor alone gives you much more flexibility in the way you set up your shelter and sleep system. As a longtime outdoorsman in the Pacific Northwest, I have learned to love 100% wool blankets and would recommend them to anyone who spends considerable time in the woods.

5. Mechanix High-Performance Work/Tactical Gloves


Mechanix Gloves are my top pick for everyday work gloves as well as camping and outdoor activities. In my opinion, the Mechanix glove has achieved the perfect balance between protection, warmth, and finger dexterity. While this item may not be big enough for a gift, Mechanix Gloves make the perfect stocking stuffer for the outdoorsman in your family. Plus, they come in a plethora of cool colors including coyote tan, forest green, camoflauge, safety orange, and many more. Retailing from anywhere between $10 and $30 dollars, these gloves are the perfect give for anyone on a budget.

6. Heavy Duty 6-Inch Ferrocerium Rod Flint Fire Starter


There’s thousands of different ways to start a fire, but none is more bombproof than the ferrocerium rod. In recent years it seems everyone has gotten on the survival gear band wagon and started selling different fire starters. Many of those kits include tiny ferrocerium rods that look great, but just don’t perform in the field. Any real outdoorsman or bushcrafter knows it’s not easy to start a fire with those small 1-3 inch ferrocerium rods. This heavy duty 6-inch version gives the user plenty of room to both hold the rod and still leaves space for the back of his fixed blade to strike down the rod and get a spark. Retailing anywhere from $10-$20 dollars, these make the perfect stocking stuff or main course for the outdoorsman in your family.

7. Silky Folding Landscaping Saw



Of all the items in my survival kit, nothing packs a bigger punch than the Sikly Zubat. Here in the Pacific Northwest, processing wood is critical to surviving in the outdoors. If your stuck in the bush without a chain saw, then a Silky Zubat or a small folding saw is your next best option. That’s not to say an axe is not critical also, but processing big limbs with a saw is much quicker then chopping away with an axe. Plus, the Zubat is light enough that you will hardly notice it in your backpack. Retailing for around $60 dollars, this is the perfect gift for any outdoorsman or landscaper.

8. Folding Bucket and Pocket Shower


Everyone needs to take a shower occasionally if they spend enough time in the woods. Sea to Summit has designed the perfect pocket shower that will get the job done. I also love the Sea to Summit folding bucket. Although this item packs very small and weighs very little, it still provides tremendous value in the field. This lightweight folding bucket weighs only a few ounces, but can carry up to 10 liters of water once it’s unpacked. Lets face it, sometimes you can’t camp very close to a water source. The folding bucket is the perfect way to transport water from the source to your camp.

9. Warbonnet Lightweight Camping Hammock


The Warbonnet Hammock is our choice for the #1 hammock on the market today. This amazing sleep system allows you to set camp basically anywhere that you can find to sturdy trees. Everyone knows that finding a suitable flat campsite can be an issue when tent camping. The Warbonnet Hammock eliminates those problems entirely by allowing you to camp on uneven terrain. Plus, this hammock is unique because it has a pocket cut out for your legs allowing you to lay flat or even sleep on your side or stomach. Add in the Super Fly tarp and a under-quilt and this sleep system will keep you warm and dry in just about any conditions.

10. Titanium Camping Cook Set


Having a lightweight cook set is a huge asset to any backpacker, camper, or outdoorsman. Titanium is a very strong and lightweight metal that’s ideal for your bug out bag or camping gear. If your a car camper, the weight of your gear isn’t a big issue. If your a backpacker than weight of gear is everything and switching to titanium is a good choice. While titanium cook wear is much more expensive than steel or aluminum, the weight you save is wroth the investment.

I hope you enjoyed our Top 10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Survival Enthusiasts. At Skilled Survivor, we bring you the best outdoor and survival reviews, tips, and gear. Keep up to date with Skilled Survivor on social media by following our Facebook and Instagram.


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