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What is a Survivalist?

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Do you know the characteristics of a Survivalist? Understanding Survivalism Do you stockpile food? Are you concerned for the future? Do you find yourself constantly preparing for what could happen some day? If you answer yes to those questions, chances are that you are a survivalist. A survivalist, or “prepper” as…

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Tree Resin And Its Uses

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50 years before, the life of a pioneer was not easy as it seems in today’s life. Today, life as a pioneer is quite easy and comfortable, all thanks to the latest technology, modified communication channels and commuting mediums. One can imagine the drastic change that has been brought by…

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Urban Get Home Bag Contents

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When setting up an urban get home bag there are many important considerations to keep in mind. Your urban get home bag is far different than a traditional “bug out bag” or a “get home bag.” In fact, if your serious about preparation and survival then you should carefully analyze…

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