What Survival Gear do I need?

what-survival-gear-is-necessary-skilled-survivorSurviving with a homemade survival kit

It is important to have a plan and a survival kit in the case of a natural disaster or some type of emergency. Many survivalists put together a bug out bag which includes items to help them survive in the wild in case they ever need to evacuate their home. A bug out bag or a survival kit is something that you need to have already prepared and ready to go if disaster ever strikes. It takes some thought process and planning to determine the items needed for your survival kit. It is best to put your own survival kit together rather than buy one from a camping store. Putting together your own kit ensures that everything in there is personalized for your needs. In order to survive in the wild there are some items that you need to make it easier on you.


Every human needs water for basic survival. You should plan to have at least 1 liter of water a day to maintain adequate hydration. Having a good durable water bottle or canteen is essential for long term survival. Another great option is the life-straw. This tool helps make water clean and safe for drinking. The life-straw is a water purification system that is known to remove foreign particles and pathogens which would otherwise make us sick. Iodine tablets are also a good investment to clean the water as well.

Survival seed vault

Surviving in the wild is tough, but being hungry can cause excruciating stomach pains. Adding survival seeds to your survival kit will ensure that you have a way to plant food and live off the crops you harvest. Individuals who plan ahead and prepare themselves to live off the land are more likely to succeed and stay alive than those individuals who give no thought to prepping. Being prepared is the key to survival.

Hand crank radio

In the event of an emergency, it is a good idea to have a radio and try to find a station broadcasting any details or instructions of what you may need to do or where to go. The radio needs to have AM and FM station capabilities and receive the NOAA weather stations. If you can not find a hand crack radio, a battery operated radio will work just fine too, but make sure you have plenty of batteries to maintain the radio. Some of the emergency radios even come with built in flashlights which may help you see at night or in dark places.

Survival Knife

It is essential to have a good quality all purpose knife. This knife will be used to do a variety of tasks, so make sure it is durable, and maintains a good grip for your hand. The knife may be used to cut vegetation blocking the path, or cutting rope, or filleting a fish. Since this knife will serve many purposes, make sure it is one that is built to last. Don’t forget knifes need a sharpening stone to keep the blade sharp and usable.

Fire Making

Fire is important to surviving in the wild. You will need to have matches, or fire starters which will come in handy when a fire is needed for cooking food, boiling water, or just keeping warm in the cold nights. Being able to boil water is essential for water purification. It is also important to have a big pot for cooking and boiling water.


Not everyone may feel comfortable carrying around a weapon, but in the event of a natural disaster or state of emergency, people may act desperate and may be willing to hurt you or steal your supplies. For the sake of your survival it is essential to have some type of weapon in your possession in order to defend yourself. It is always better to be prepared for any situation that could arise, than to be left helpless and left for dead.

Lightweight ax

An ax is a great tool to have when surviving in the wild. It could help chop down wood for a fire, it could cut down heavy vegetation or tree branches blocking paths. It could also be used as a weapon if you ever needed it to be. Having a light weight ax helps keep your survival kit light but highly effective.

First aid kit

It is important to add a first aid kit to your survival bag. You never know when you may get an injury and need a quick fix. It is best to personalize your own first aid kit rather than purchase one from a store. A store will have basic things in their kits, but you can add much more supplies to keep yourself safe and prepared for any situation that arises.

Having a plan is key to a successful survivalist. Everything needs to be planned out and packed up. Once an emergency hits, there should be no time scrambling around looking for last minute things, a survivalist has his bug out bag ready to go at a moments notice, and is ready to take on the task of survival!



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