Everything You Need to Know About the 5 Tool Rule

Everything You Need to Know about the 5 Tool Rule

By November 20, 2016 No Comments

In bushcraft lore there is a concept known as the “5 tool rule” which says that you need 5 basic tools for longterm wilderness survival.

The 5 tools that are the most important in bushcraft depend on the type of environment you are in. In this video Dave primarily talks about woodland environments like here in the Pacific Northwest. If you were in South America for example you would rely on a different set of tools to survive in the wilderness. With that said, for a woodland environment I would recommend a axe, fixed blade knife, saw, hook knife, and awl or a punch. These 5 basic tools will give you the ability to produce everything else you need in the field. For me personally, I choose to carry a small folding saw, but the bow saw would be a better option if you need to cut large pieces of lumber. As far as the axe, many people like to carry a full size axe, but I prefer to carry a hatchet most of the time. If I was on a longterm outdoor adventure I would definitely carry a larger axe to make chopping wood easier.

In a jungle environment one might substitute the axe or the hatchet for a machete. Most of the wood in the jungle is soft and vines are much more prevalent. A machete will give you more diversity in that type of environment in the long run. At the end of the day, it’s up to you which tools you decide to carry. People who are more experienced woodsman and have a higher level skill set can get away with carrying less tools then those who are just learning.

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