Wilderness Survival Equipment Check List


What are the Wilderness Survival Equipment?

Choosing the best equipment to help in wilderness survival can be difficult. It’s important to know the conditions of the environment before selecting your gear. When choosing the proper gear, consider versatility, size and weight, function, and durability. This list will help you build the right survival kit for the environment you will encounter.

1. Firestarter

A good magnesium block and Ferro rod can provide hundreds of fires. These fire kits are small, light and reliable even in a damp environment. You can pick up a good magnesium fire starter at almost any camp or outdoor supply store for a few bucks. If you haven’t started a fire with this method, practice in your back yard before heading into the wild.

2. Containers

Containers are necessary for collecting water, cooking food, and storage. Space will be limited in your pack so try to find one or two small containers that meet your need. A quality metal cooking pot is essential for purifying water and cooking over your fire. If you’re worried about space, you can think about downsizing to a metal cup. Pairing a pot with a quality water bottle allows you to store clean water and stay hydrated when on the move.

3. Water purifiers

There are a variety of purification systems and treatments that you can add to your survival kit. Having an alternative method for purifying water is a life saver if you can’t get a fire going. Purification tablets and drop treatments such as chlorine dioxide are small, easy to pack and work on the go but you only have a limited amount. A straw style filter is also easy to pack and allows you to drink right away but can’t purify water for storage. A pump style micro filter can quickly refill a water bottle but it takes up a little more space and there are parts that could clog or break.

4. Tarp and cordage

A good alternative to a tent would be a tarp. A tarp is much more versatile for building a survival shelter with fire access, and it’s more portable. Having plenty of cordage such as 550 Paracord is essential for tying up shelters, making traps, or bundling firewood.

5. Fishing hooks and line

In most survival situations, you’re going to be looking for water and hopefully, that water contains fish. Keeping a few basic fishing necessities can provide a variety of fishing techniques which can be adapted to any survival situation.

6. Fixed blade knife

Versatility and durability are keys to choosing which knife or knives to carry with you. A larger fixed-blade knife is more durable and can be used to chop or even dig. Smaller knives and folding knives are lighter and good for cutting food but might not be as durable.

7. Clothes

Having the correct clothing for a survival situation means choosing quality materials. A good merino wool base layer will help fight off hypothermia in a cold, wet climate. It is breathable, keeps moisture away from the skin and retains heat even when wet. Nylon outer layers are good for repelling water and are lighter for warmer conditions.

8. Backpack

A backpack needs to be durable, have plenty of space, be comfortable to wear and versatile. There are a lot of packs available on the market now and you can find a good wilderness backpack for almost any budget.

9. 1st Aid kit

Accidents are common in survival situations and keeping wounds clean is necessary to avoid infection. Whichever first aid kit you choose, get familiar with the contents and know how to use them if the need arises.

10. GPS unit

When all else fails, a Personal Locator Beacon device or GPS unit can be a lifesaver. The key to wilderness survival is to stay alive and having a way to be located by rescuers in an emergency may be your best survival tool.


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