What is a Survivalist?


Do you know the characteristics of a Survivalist?

Understanding Survivalism

Do you stockpile food? Are you concerned for the future? Do you find yourself constantly preparing for what could happen some day? If you answer yes to those questions, chances are that you are a survivalist. A survivalist, or “prepper” as they are often called, is someone who is always thinking about the future. Their main goal is to be able to survive a doomsday event, should one occur.

Defining Survivalists

Survivalism is a mentality, a crusade, an internal state of being that is centered in faith, honesty, knowledge, wisdom, and patriotism. These people have accountability over their mind, body, and soul. They have common sense and take responsibility for their life. They are always learning and expanding their personal knowledge and tend to be very community oriented.

Survivalists can be classified into two distinct groups. There are those who are concerned about conservation and preservation of the planet, and then there are those who are preparing for a doomsday. Some may have characteristics that fit into both groups. While many may have their own definition of survivalism, most would say it is a lifestyle that is defined by principals with goals toward personal improvement.

Protection Strategies

It is no secret that most “preppers” are looking for ways to save themselves in the case of a crisis. Some have gone to great lengths to ensure their family would be safe. This category is quite wide as a person can go from one extreme to the other. For instance, one family may spend quite a bit of money building an underground bunker for safety. Another family may build their home half into the earth with thick concrete walls to sustain gas and other harmful toxins. Even a basic “prepper” will have home protection strategies, weapons, and tools at their disposal. They may even take self-defense training to protect themselves and their family from harm.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is probably the most common component between all survivalists. They are constantly looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Typically, this person will install passive energy systems, utilize organic gardening, and reduce their reducing dependency on petroleum. They strive to make their life more sustainable in every feasible way. They want to be become less reliant on systems or technologies, and often using the term “going off grid.” Some may call them “tree huggers” or naturalists. However, they are always aware of their environment, and they strive to make the world a better place.

Stockpiling Goods

Survivalists are usually obsessed with food storage. Most have stored a fresh water supply, medications, and other emergency items that would be needed. Most families in this country only have enough food to last a couple weeks. A “prepper” will prepare for months in the event of a long-term emergency. Because of their frugal ways, they avoid debt and wasteful spending too. Some even stockpile money. They are ready in all ways to take control of a crisis situation.

They probably have a generator, freeze dried foods, solar powered energy forms, and all sorts of gadgets to help when there is a crisis.

Another factor in stockpiling is gardening. Most have a massive garden where they can foods for tomorrow. They teach their children how to “live off the land” like the earlier generations of this country. Even those that live in the city may utilize raised beds and grow foods in a small way on a terrace. If they have land, they will also how cows for milk, chickens for eggs, and other animals for meat. However, many survivalists are vegan.

Doing Good And Spreading Love

Traditionally, these people have strong faith. They walk in light and love. They use their wisdom to shut out all fears and negative thoughts. They use common sense and learn to thrive in their environment. They stand up for what they believe in, and they will fight for their freedom and basic rights. They have values and compassion and understand that no one is immune from danger. These people are ready at a moment’s notice to protect, defend, and sustain.


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