Urban Survival Skills Training Ideas


What are the Urban Survival Skills Training Ideas?

Urban survival is challenging, but these simple urban survival skills training ideas will help you be more prepared during an emergency. Being prepared for unforeseen events has become a necessity. Political unrest, civil unrest, and environmental changes have made it necessary to become more self-sufficient. You can no longer think about being prepared for a major event, you must be prepared for when it occurs.

While everyone understands that you should have fresh water and canned goods stored for an emergency, many people do not have the essential skills they need in the event of a disaster of any type. Taking the time to learn the following six skills can mean the difference of being a victim of a disaster or a survivor.

Learn How To Cook Without A Stove

It should be assumed that there may not be electric or gas service to operate your stove. Eventually, propane canisters will become empty that you use for your grill. You need to know how to cook without these items. Learn basic fire building skills. Learn about building solar ovens and other similar devices. You must know how to cook your food without modern conveniences.

Learn How To Sew and Repair Clothes

In the recent past it was not uncommon for teenagers to take home economic classes and learn how to sew and mend clothing. Times have changed and this skill has all but been lost. However, if a major event takes place, you will need to know how to repair your clothes or other similar cloth items and possibly need to make more clothes for the future. Simple sewing skills can be very helpful during a crisis.

Learn How To Garden And Store Seeds

Being able to grow your own food and medicinal herbs may be crucial to your survival. Learn about plants by starting a small garden and go up from there. Learn how to store seeds for future use and the best way to cultivate plants. Invest into books that explain different medicinal properties of plants and teas for future reference.

Learn How To Can and Dry Food

Canning and preserving food will become a necessity. Stock up on a large amount of canning jars and supplies so that you have it available when necessary. Invest into canning books and recipes so that you can have different foods that you may be able to use for bartering. Learn about drying herbs, fruits and meats for preservation. Invest into a book on how to prepare these types of foods as meals.

Learn How To Provide Medical Care

Learn basic medical techniques. Wound closure, preventing chocking, CPR, and other techniques will always be useful. As an additional bonus, having these skills will also make you a beneficial part of the community. Stock up on basic supplies and medical emergency items, and don’t’ forget the aspirin.

Learn How To Be Physically Active

This may seem like a very unusual tip for survival. However, it is probably the most important. Physical endurance is going to be necessary to overcome any type of disaster or other crisis. Chopping wood, planting seeds, cultivating food, walking long distances for supplies or other reasons, and even self-defense will require that you are physically in shape. Physically in shape does not mean how much the scale says in the morning or the size of your pants. It is about being able to endure physical activities for extended periods of time. Increase your physical activity and build endurance with strength training, stretching and cardio exercises.

These six tips can make a large difference in how you survive a disaster or if you survive at all. Becoming self-sufficient is more than storing clean water and canned goods in your garage for future use. Self-sufficiency is about being able to take care of yourself without using all of the modern conveniences we currently enjoy.


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