The Ultimate Super Shelter Survival Bug Out Camp
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The Ultimate Super Shelter Survival Bug Out Camp

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In this video Survival Lilly shows off the ultimate super shelter bug out camp. Of all the videos i’ve seen online, this has to be my favorite super shelter design. Now, I’m not saying this would work in all environments, but if rain wasn’t a huge concern then this would be my shelter of choice. Plus, I love the Arcturus reflective tarp/ blanket that she used to keep the rain out while still letting the heat from the fire in. Just from watching this video you can tell Survival Lilly put a ton of time into this shelter build. The craftsmanship is very nice and the design is very functional. One of my favorite features is the door that allows the entire super shelter to be sealed off to keep the dog in and the creates out.

Here in the Pacific Northwest rain and wind is the primary concern. If I were to make an addition to this shelter I would add another wing that would provide a covered workspace that one could stand up in. During those really rainy winder days it’s no fun to have to lay down in your shelter all day unable to attend to camp chores. Adding a 6ft high covered workspace is a great way to make yourself more productive, and to make your survival shelter more livable.

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