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The Best Lightweight Passive Fishing System

By April 8, 2016 No Comments

In a survival situation, once you have your fire, water, and shelter squared away, food procurement becomes your top priority.  Traditional fishing techniques are time consuming and require specialized gear depending on the place your fishing and the fish your attempting to catch.  In our view, the best lightweight passive fishing system is the yo yo fish trap.  Simply attach the yo yo fish trap to an overhanging tree and hang the bated hook a few inches into the water.  When the fish bites your hook and begins to swim away he will trigger the yo yo and it will snap up essentially reeling the fish in.  The weight of the fish will keep him hooked on the line until your return.  One could hypothetically set dozens of these yo yo fish traps up in a matter of minutes up and down a river.  In survival, time management is key traditional fishing methods require you to spend large portions of time on the river bank.  Instead, bait up your fish traps and you can go focus on other survival tasks like gathering wood, improving your shelter, precuring water, or hunting for small game.  Plus, the yo yo fish traps are so lightweight you could easily carry 5-10 yo yo’s with no problem.

In this video, Robert Allen from Sigma 3 Survival School demonstrates how to properly set up your yo yo fishing trap.  Remember, yo yo fish traps are not legal in all states, so consult your local laws before deploying these traps pre SHTF (shit hit the fan).


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