How to Survive a Terrorist Attack in an Urban Environment?
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How to Survive a Terrorist Attack in an Urban Environment?

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You can never be too careful when it comes to protection of yourself and your family. In today’s world, there is a constant threat of terrorist attacks. You never know when or where these attacks could happen. The point is to prepare yourself if it does happen; you can protect those you love. There are several different survival techniques that you can do to prepare ahead of time. Too many people do not prepare and this is what leads to chaos and unfortunate death.

Prepare and Plan

We all know of or have heard about people called “preppers”. Many people believe that preppers are going to the extreme get ready for whatever might come. While you may not have the money or space to stock up like others, it is important to keep some extra items on hand in case of an emergency. I suggest the following to start:

Food (Dried or Canned)
Medical Supplies
Prep Bag

Another way to prepare for an attack is to train.

Go out target shooting if you own a gun or bow. Take a hand to hand combat training course if possible. This helps in learning the correct use of a knife or your hands in defending yourself. Take a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) course if it is legal in your state. While both concealed and open carry are both open in some states, many people believe that keeping your weapon concealed is the best way to go. Open carry could draw attention to you, making you a threat to an attacker. They would be likely to come after you first. Concealing your weapon gives you a better opportunity to use it if necessary.

Another very useful course that is available is learning everyday survival skills.

If there comes a day when you have to live off the land, do you know how? Knowing how to hunt or fish for food, where you can find water, or what herbs and plants can help heal are all very important to know.

Take a First Aid/CPR class.

They are usually inexpensive and often completed in a day. This will prepare you to take care of yourself and your family if one of you do get hurt during an attack. Being able to stop the bleeding long enough to get to a hospital is a very important tool to have.

Part of preparing is planning.

If you cannot buy in bulk, you can pick up an extra one or two items every shopping trip. This works well for ammo as well, especially because ammo is a more expensive item. Pick up an extra box when you’re buying ammo for the range or on your way out hunting. Before you know it, you will have plenty of extra items on your shelf.

Planning to Survive a Terrorist Attack in an Urban Environment

Planning also means talking to your loved ones about what to do if there is an emergency or what to look out for when you’re out in public. This is especially important if you are at a large community event such as a festival or parade. Learning to watch for the unusual could save your life. At first, it takes practice but after a while, it becomes second nature.

Look for exits upon entering buildings to know exactly where they are and how easy it is to get to them. If you go to a restaurant, find a booth near a back exit so if needed, you can leave quickly. Areas such as classrooms do not have back exits. It is important to find a good place to duck into for safety and to hide from a perpetrator. This is especially important to teach your children. It is very important to try to stay away from windows and mirrors. Shattered glass or mirror is not something you want hitting you.

Finally, try to stay as calm as possible.

This will help you think through the situation and the best plan of action. If you are already aware of your environment, you can then figure out when and how to get to the nearest exit or hiding spot.

While many of us may not ever be involved in a terrorist attack, many of us also believe that it won’t ever “happen to us”. Wouldn’t you rather prepare yourself for something that may not happen, then unprepared if it does?

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