Survival Skills During Disasters

survival-skills-for-natural-disastersTop 10 Natural Disaster Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

Various geographical areas are subject to a natural order that is often characterized by a great disarray or loss of properties and most especially; life. In times like this, it is important to have a mindset that is proactive rather than reactive. The response and action taken in moments like this can determine the rate of survival and the type of conditions that might be endured. Based on this fact, it is imperative to acquire a particular set of skills that can prevent loss of life.

Survival of a natural disaster or any related emergency situation is significantly and directly affected by the level of survival skills that has been acquired by the victims involved beforehand. Preparatory knowledge on what to do in times of natural disasters was once common knowledge. Due to the availability and over dependence on modern devices, natural disaster survival knowledge has significantly reduced.

Below are ten basic survival skills that are required in times of natural disasters for one or a
group of people.

1. Learn to Grow Food or Find It

The most crucial factor to survival is your ability to remain energized by having a constant supply of food. Food can be done easily by having a storage of dry foods which if rationed well, can last throughout the time of a natural disaster. In cases where the effect of a natural disaster results in the destruction of properties, survival knowledge on how to survival outdoors is required. It is important to learn how to grow food. This includes understanding what crop to grow based on the soil of the area. It also requires learning about wild plants and insects. It is necessary to know what native plant or insect are harmful for consumption and which ones are not. It is also important to have core competencies of improvisation. Improvisation skill is necessary so that simple hunting equipment can be made to help hunt for small animals and also aid in fishing.

Learning how to make makeshift traps and snares can be a useful skill set in outdoor survival.

2. Clean Water: Find it or Make It

Water is paramount to the human body as such; it is impossible to go on for long without water. The need for water makes it necessary to find ways to get clean water to avoid contacting any form of water borne disease. You need to find multiple sources of water is required where the source of water found is not a spring. It is required because one source of water might dry up or get contaminated. You need to learn and know how to get clean water out of all types of water so water can be made fit for consumption. Reading and learning from trusted materials about how water can be obtained and purified can help you.

3. Learn to Repair or Make Clothes

If a natural disaster occurs with no warning, you may not be able to retrieve your bug out bag Skills related to mending clothes or making new ones becomes imperative. Based on this fact, learning how to mend torn clothes or making makeshift clothes from leathers or other relevant materials can be useful. It will help you and all your loved ones last longer while trying to survive outdoors because clothes protect you.

4. Grooming

It is imperative to note the fact that your health deteriorates when you are trying to survive outdoors. To this end, basic level of hygiene must be understood, and a level of cleanliness must be maintained. It is dangerous if proper basic hygiene is not considered when surviving outdoors becomes inevitable.

a picture of a survival first aid kit5. First Aid

When a natural disaster occurs, it is expected that people will sustain different degrees of injuries that might require medical attention. A good knowledge of first aid can assist immensely in saving lives Learn skills that can emanate from a huge loss of blood by helping in reducing the flow of blood from any injured part of the body. A First aid kit must be made available before and during the occurrence of a natural disaster.

6. Fire and Warmth

The ability to make fire anytime it is required is one of the skills you should learn. This skill set is typically regarded as one of the essential skills required for survival in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. More important is the need to learn to make a fire in any environment at any time of the day. Fire can be utilized to cook the food you grow or animals you hunt down. It can also be used to heat up stored food and keep you warm when the weather is cold. Fire is also an important element applied and learning how to make fire without a match is essential.

7. Self-defense and Defensive Instincts

Possession of a firearm and having knowledge of how to use it practically can help to ensure safety and protection of lives and properties while trying to survive. It is a known fact that humans tend to behave irrationally when they panic. This irrational behavior might lead to attack from people who might attempt to rob you off your supplies. The use of a firearm can also be a form of defense against wild animal attack. Part of self-defense also means the ability to understand basic ways of disarming someone who intends to attack you with a weapon.

8. The Open Mind Concept

In other to react actively to effects of natural disasters, it is critical to keep an open mind on how devastating the consequences of the disaster might be. It helps to move you away from a state of shock to a state where your survival instincts kick in.

9. Natural Disaster Knowledge

An informed mind becomes a transformed mind. Obtaining knowledge about natural disasters and how it affects the world is encouraged. The knowledge can help to make informed decisions that are critical to survival. For instance, the best place to hide from a hurricane might be a bunker. There are also some human-made factors that can help to tame the effect of some natural disasters. Arm yourself and your family members with knowledge.

10. Cultivate a Sharp Mind

The need to be on the alert when a natural disaster occurs is always crucial. The first thing is to look for materials that can be useful to survival. Locations, where further exposure to danger can be easily averted must also be identified as quickly as possible.

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