Survival Prepping Gear Ideas

survival-prepping-gear-ideasWhat are the Survival Prepping Gear Ideas?

Many of us worry about a disaster or emergency happening, and the best thing that you can do is be prepared. There are all types of situations that can arise, and the more prepared you are, the better your chances for survival. When you are confident in yourself, it will be easier to help others too.

What Type Of Disasters Or Emergency’s Can Happen?

There are different types of situations that can occur where you, and your loved ones will need to be prepared. Here are some of them that can occur:

1. Fire – Fires are devastating, and they can spread easily. If you are in a fire, pay attention to what the officials are asking you to do and evacuate accordingly.

2. Flood – Floods can happen in any area, and you need to make sure that you avoid the affected areas. You will also want to get to higher ground until help comes.

3. Earthquakes – Earthquakes can cause a lot of damage. Make sure that you get to safety as quickly as possible, and stay away from things that can fall.

4. Hurricanes – With hurricanes, you will want to make sure that you are prepared for multiple water damage. Know how to swim if needed.

5. Tornadoes – Tornadoes cause extreme amounts of damage. Exit the area where the tornado is expected to hit without delay

6. War – Wars bring lots of weapons and anger. Be on the lookout for any unusual happenings, and notify the officials immediately.

Pay Attention To What Is Going On Around You And In The World

Make sure that you watch the news on the television, listen to the radio or check it on the Internet to be sure that you know what is happening. If you are notified by an emergency alert, listen to what it is asking you to do and go. You should already have your gear ready so that you can leave. It can be stored in a closet, basement or garage.

In Order To Be Safe, You Need To Be Prepared

Since many different situations can occur, you want to know how to be best prepared to survive any one of them. Make a survival kit as soon as you can. The best prepping and survival gear to include in your survival kit is as follows:

1. Water – Have gallons of water saved up in case of an emergency. You will need two per person in order to stay hydrated in case the water supply is affected.

2. Formula For Babies – If you have a baby with you, make sure that you have formula for them, preferably the powdered kind. You will also need to bring along baby food for them.

3. Life Straw – Life Straw is a water filter in case the water supply is contaminated. It is made for one person, and it holds 1,000 liters of water that will then be safe to drink.

4. Food – Canned foods are great to keep on hand, and make sure that you have a can opener, or get the kinds of cans that you can open yourself. Bread is essential. Have a cooler on hand to put ice and other food items into.

5. Survival Seed Vault – The Survival Seed Vault is made for emergencies. You will find everything you need to grow your own food when you need to. Follow the instructions that come with the vault.

6. Utensils – Make sure that you include forks, knives, spoons, and other needed items. Be prepared by having cups, bowls, plates and pots. You might also want to include a portable stove.

7. Medicines – Make sure that you have all the medicines that you, and any of your crew need. Keep them together with a list of them written down.

8. Cell Phone – Make sure that you have a cell phone with you that is fully charged. Bring along the charger too.

9. List Of Contacts – You will want to have a list of contact numbers. This is so you can stay in touch with loved ones, etc.

10. First Aid Kit – You can purchase a first aid kit in many different stores or online. Get one that will be sufficient for the number of people that you will have with you.

11. Blankets – Have several blankets on hand in order to stay warm. Roll them up for easy storage.

12. Radio – Have a radio that uses batteries. You will want to use this to stay updated. If you are in a car, make sure that the radio works.

13. Credit Card Knife – You will want to make sure that you have a credit card knife. It is thin and folds to be the size of a credit card. Since it is extremely sharp, it is necessary for protection.

14. Solar Panel Light – A solar panel knife will allow you to receive light through the power of the sun. This way you will not have to depend on electricity during a disaster or emergency.

15. Gas Mask – Have a gas mask for each member in your group in order to survive in contaminated air areas. Make sure that everyone knows how to use them.

16. Flares – You want to have some flares in your kit. This way you can be found when help is coming.

17. Sleeping Bag – A sleeping bag should be included in your kit for survival. Make sure that it is a heavy one to keep warm with.

18. Tent – Many people include a tent in their kits. It should be one that is easy to set up.

19. Waterproof Containers – You will want to have some waterproof containers with you. It is a good idea to store your kit in a waterproof backpack.

You Should Be Sure To Get CPR Training

CPR training should be a priority when you are preparing for survival in disasters and emergencies. You can also take survival classes that will give you many other ideas for staying safe and protected in dangerous situations.

Follow Evacuation Routes

Make sure that you know the evacuation routes for your area. If you spend a lot of time at your job, know how to leave the building in a safe way. You should also have ways to leave your home or apartment in a quick way. Know how to tie sheets together to create a way out of higher places if needed. You should also make sure that your vehicle is in good shape with a good amount of gas at all times. Check the tires to make sure that they are full.

Make sure that you are always prepared with your prepping and survival gear. By packing the list above you, and your crew should well prepare for any type of disaster or emergency.


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