Step by Step Guide: How to Use a Slingshot to Hunt Big Game

Step by Step Guide: How to Use a Slingshot to Hunt Big Game

By December 11, 2016 No Comments

In this video Dave Canterbury from the Pathfinder Schools demonstrates how to use a slingshot to hunt big game animals.

Essentially, Dave uses an arrow fired through a slingshot to take down larger game like deer. The idea is pretty basic, your current slingshot only needs slight modification and it can do the same. There are a couple different versions of these types of sling shots for sale online. These types would not require any modification and come ready to fire straight out of the box. As Dave explains in the video, one could easily modify your existing sling shot to take arrows with a ring, cordage, and some work. I recently purchased a unit that was made for shooting arrows and it works great. I will admit, it did take a little bit of getting used to, but after a few try’s I had it down. The Pathfinder School website also sells an adaptor so you can break the arrow in half for easy hauling on the trail. The entire unit breaks down into a very small package that will fit easily in any backpack. Plus, if you loose or break your arrow you can always use pebbles in your slingshot.

Remember, this can be dangerous to fire and it will take lots of practice before you are able to be accurate at long ranges. Dave is a legend in the survival community who has a giant YouTube Channel and does Survival Training classes throughout the year.

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