Simple Way to Wash Your Clothes Off The Grid

Simple Way to Wash Your Clothes Off The Grid

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One of the most overlooked area of prepping is how to wash your clothing post SHTF.  Most people focus on food, shelter, water, medical, and self defense but complete overlook simple things like clothes washing.  It’s important to wash you clothes from a hygiene perspective, but also from a psychological perspective.  In order to keep your humanity in a crisis situation it’s important to keep up with daily hygiene tasks like brushing your teeth and washing your body.  Unfortunately, few people think about the importance of washing your clothes.  If the emergency situation lasts months or even years you can’t get away with simply throwing clothes out if they get to grungy.  Eventually, you have to develop a system to wash your clothes and this is a cheap and easy way to do it.  In this video the Southern Prepper utilizes a plunger, 5 gallon bucket, and mopping bucket to wash his clothes.  This system will work entirely off the grid and only takes water and soap.

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