Several Ways Of Survival For A Pioneer

Humans are born to play nine different life roles, a caretaker, an adviser, creator, influencer, equalizer, motivator, weaver, teacher, and pioneer.

Merriam Webster defines pioneer as:

  • A person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity or a new method or technical development
  • One of the first to settle in a territory

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Pioneer people are the ones who have the tendency to stay alone because of their conventional thinking and behaviors. They usually demonstrate an isolating effect from others. It’s tough for one to align with other pioneers, especially giving up their autonomy.

If you consider yourself to be a pioneer in life and your life, are you taking a leading edge? Major characteristics of being a pioneer that are most commonly encountered are the ability to think of new ideas, practices, technologies, healing modalities, plethora, traveling on un-trodden paths, curious, inventive and creative.

Pioneer is referred to the first ones to explore a new area or is the one who develop or be the first to use or apply. Pioneers are also called as an initiator, pathfinder and trailblazer. Today’s pioneer life is quite different from past 100 years. People in those times didn’t have the advantages of the latest technologies, communication channels and commute mediums. They had entirely different chores that were essential to get done. They had diverse ways to do chores. In the earlier days, it was quite tough to sustain oneself all alone in the extremists of the nature, lived on raw food and handicapped from all the necessities of life.

taeinlab 2Being a pioneer is an amazing experience, but one can encounter the feelings of isolation and being unsupported. People often ask about a few ways to be a pioneer, and still be connected to nurturing relationships.

Firstly, one has to be a genius, single minded, focused and should possess the characteristics of breakthrough pioneering achievements. Some famous personalities like Thomas Edison, Madame Curie, Albert Einstein, pioneers who are so deeply involved in their work, generally leaves them unable to find time for their relationships. To overcome this situation, it requires one to develop some techniques that helps one to take out time and space for the relationships like taking out time after office hours, connecting through social sites etc.

Secondly, a mastermind is the great way to connect with other pioneers, to gain the mutual support of them. There are various different pioneering organizations and communities, in which one can get involve, and build the required relationship.Thirdly, generally speaking, pioneers demonstrate the tendency of being idealistic and naive. Most of them have or have built their own idealistic philosophy which they adopt in their everyday life, like thinking for you and they don’t give up autonomy.

Fourth, having a single minded focus is the essence of a pioneer. It is the most excellent technique used by pioneers, to get the desired results. In life, today, it is a rare commodity as one can find many claiming distractions, which ask for immediate brain share tension. Pioneering is a mind set, and you have to keep your mind set to block out those distractions. Today, if you were to go from all the modern conveniences you have at your disposal at any given time, to being thrown into an unknown territory, without the mindset to survive that unknown territory you probably would not make it.

Multitasking has been adopted as an important characteristic of a pioneer because of the evolving world around, where time urgency is always at stake. Multitasking where one skills him or herself in performing more than one task simultaneously with almost near to perfection.

Lastly, persistence is probably the single most important trait of a successful pioneer. It’s obvious that there will be number of setbacks, challenges, discouragement, misjudging and disappointments. Also, there will be times when giving up will be the only option left. Logic rules the mind of a pioneer. One can look for alternative ways to find some leisure time or can make a plan for sustaining their existing relationships and building new ones. Besides this, it is hard for people to align themselves with pioneer people without giving up the autonomy.

Living the pioneer life is also called a sustaining life. The pioneer, concept has now been vastly adopted, especially by tourists and trekkers across the globe, who love exploring the extremities of the world, the dense forests and the Polar Regions. They go to the wilderness for the escape in order to live a life full of freedom. Most of the pioneers are escapists due to personal transformation, experiencing quiet solitude and some are hermits. Most of the pioneers go to the extremities of wilderness; just to get them transformed because of what they perceive will happen if they live a life in their own destined home place.

Women across the globe have also developed the interest of being a pioneer, exploring the depth of reality and curiosity engulfing them. Women have more options than ever as not to cause stress and pressure. Thus, the pioneer activities are the key option eliminating the cause of unhappiness and make them live the way they want. Even the youngsters are attracted towards the pioneer life.

pioneer-handcart 2Life as a pioneer is sufficient within them, and it totally depends on how one educates themselves. While escapism and freedom are the objective of a pioneer’s life, they also identify what they won’t do and what they don’t want, their likes and dislikes. The reason to live a pioneer life is not only limited to the one already mentioned, there are other crazy reasons, as well. Besides all these unique characteristics, the pioneers are hardworking, dynamic and possess the ability to quit never.

American pioneers are the people in US history who moved west to find new undeveloped areas. The figure of the pioneer has played a large role in American culture, literature and folklore. The pioneer is not the only iconic figure which figures in the settlement of the West. Much cultural note is given to other figures of a more transient nature, such as cowboys, trappers, prospectors, miners etc. However, the pioneer alone represents those who went into unexplored territory in search of a new life, looking to establish permanent settlement.

Just as the pioneers of the past, exploring unknown territories, experiencing survival, learning new skills on their own and finding what they are content with and find peace with, modern day pioneers are doing the same thing today. For what you are looking for can only be found within and you are the only one that can find it.

Pioneering plays a significant role of providing one with inner peace and serenity, thus helping one explore himself or herself.

It is said that life without a purpose continues to plague humanity, and it’s the pioneer life which gives the exact meaning to one’s life. It helps in making the most out of life. It’s basic questions;

  • Are you frustrated enough to want something different and move in a positive direction?
  • Are you prepared to leave all the negative thoughts that are surrounding your life?
  • Are you serious about your inner call?
  • Are you willing to transform yourself completely, i.e. self realization?
  • Are you alert of the consequences of creating positive changes in your life and ready to accept them?
  • If you are unable to find the meaningful existence, will you be satisfied?
  • As it addresses the most serious questions of one’s life, it also helps one in taking charge of their own life.

Being a Pioneer, opens new windows to a totally different horizon of self realization and belief in which one finds complete peace and serenity.


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