How to Hunt Big Game with a Slingshot
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How to Hunt Big Game with a Sling Shot

By April 8, 2016 No Comments

Pocket sling shots are a light and portable way to hunt small game in the field.  Traditionally, sling shots have be used effectively to take squirrels, rabbits, and other small critters primarily with heavy metal balls and stones.  In this video, Dave Canterbury from the Pathfinder School in Ohio demonstrates how to hunt big game with a slingshot.  I question how effective this would be at penetrating the thick hide of an Elk, but for deer this would be very effective.

Unlike a long bow or compound bow, the sling shot can easily fit into a backpack.  Plus, on his survival store Dave sells a kit that will allow you to break down arrows in half so they easily fit inside your bug out bag.  Also, since rocks and stones are everywhere in the wilderness, essentially you have an unlimited ammo source for your sling shot.  As a self-defense item the slingshot falls short, but as an overall survival item for your bug out bag pound for pound the slingshot is a no brainer.

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