How to Clean a Squirrel the Easy Way
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How to Clean a Squirrel The Easy Way

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Procuring food in the wilderness is the survival skill set that takes the longest to learn.  One can master shelter creation, fire, and water procurement in a relatively short period of time, while food procurement takes a long time to learn.  There are many different ways to procure food in the wild including hunting small game, foraging for wild edibles, fishing, and more.  Each taking years of practice to perfective to the point you can reliable procure food.  Fishing alone can take years to understand the fishing cycle, types of fish, proper fishing bait and so on.  Furthermore, effectively hunting small game in the woods takes years of practice to shoot accurately and learn how to properly stock your prey.  Plus, once you take the kill you must know how to properly skin and gut your animal.  Finally, then you must be able to properly prepare and possibly preserve the resources from the kill including meat and hide.

In this video you will learn how to clean a squirrel the easy and quickest way.

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