How to Build a Primitive Double Learn-To Shelter
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How to Build a Primitive Double Lean-To Shelter

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If your serious about survival skills it’s critical that you learn how to build primitive overnight shelters.  Whether you just a casual day hiker or a hardcore survivalist, getting lost overnight in the woods can happen to anyone.  It’s critical that you know the basic principles of building a variety of shelters that will keep you warm through the night.  It’s important to note that your shelter type and design will change depending on if you plan on using fire inside your shelter or not.  For example, if you are trying to keep a lower profile or for some other reason choose not to build a fire then your shelter design should be dramatically different.  If you expect the temperature to drop at night it’s critical that you build a level of installation between you and the earth.  Also, your shelter walls should be thick enough to insulate your from the cold air outside.  One tactic is to build a basic shelter out of wood, then cover it with mountains of leaves, branches, or whatever other material is available.  On the other hand if you plan on using a fire for heat you can simply build a half shelter and reflector behind your campfire to direct the heat towards you.

In this video Robert from Sigma 3 Survival School shows us how to build a double learn-to shelter upgrade.  This shelter system can be made quickly and works great in light snow, rain, or very cold nights.  One of the biggest keys to keeping warm is to get yourself up off the ground, which is discussed in great detail throughout the video.

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