How to Feed Your Chickens Without Commercial Feed

How to Feed Your Chickens Without Commercial Feed

By April 22, 2016 No Comments

During a crisis scenario you may be without food and water for weeks or even months.  The average preparedness minded individual has thought through this potential scenario and stockpiled at least several weeks worth of food.  Unfortunately, many people make the critical error of not stockpiling reserves for their pets and live stock.  For example, how would you feed your chickens without commercial feed?  How would you feed your dog without commercial food in a SHTF type scenario.  In this video the Southern Prepper gives you some basic ideas to feed your chickens when you have no access to commercial food.  Feeding chickens with human food is a poor option because chickens are on the farm to produce, so it’s critical that they don’t deplete their reserves.  Feeding your chickens bugs and insects that are hiding under logs are one possible solution.  The great thing about chickens is they will eat just about anything.  Another possible solutions would be to move them into different areas on a rotation schedule and let them pick the bugs, worms, insects out of the ground.  Either way, there are many options available for people looking to move away from using commercial feed.  In the video you will learn some simple tricks to provide food for you chickens.

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