Cheap Underground Survival Shelter and Supplies Cache

Cheap Underground Survival Shelter or Supply Cache

By April 22, 2016 No Comments

Are you looking for a cheap and simple way to store food and supplies underground?  Most underground shelter systems are expensive and require a professional to come install then.  If your looking for a super budget solution you could utilize a septic tank for your underground shelter.  Now this will not be very secure, but it is a convenient place to get out of the storm in a pinch.  Plus, a simple septic tank shelter like this could also double as a storage cache for food, water, tents, camping gear, weapons, tarps, and other critical gear.  If you have a piece of property that you haven’t been able to develop yet, you could always just dig out a hole for your septic tank and drop this in there.  Eventually it could be used for your septic tank, but in the mean time you could simply use it for storage.  In a small 500 gallon septic tank like this one could store at least a year worth of food and many other critical supplies you may need when SHTF.  Plus, when you ready to use it for a septic tank just simply remove your supplies and hook it up to your intake and drain field.  If your prepping on a budget, it’s critical to think outside the box.  Watch this short video to get some great ideas for budget friendly prepping.

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