How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shelter?
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How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shelter?

By February 17, 2017 No Comments

Do You Know How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shelter?

Protecting yourself from exposure is very important. It’s crucial that we understand how important your mental state is during a survival is your mental state.

It is often found, that the mental attitude of a person during a survival conflict can make all the difference. Endure the situation or perish can be set in the mind.

Shelter not only protects you from adverse weather, but also gives you a mental boost. Much like fire, shelter can give us hope and a sense of accomplishment. Your shelter becomes sanctuary.

This video shows you how to really deck out your wickiup and make it super comfortable for primitive living. The video also shows how to build an alpine style bed for northern living, but this will work in almost any environment.

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