How to Build a Cheap Survival Cache with a Oil Drum

How to Build a Cheap Survival Cache with a Oil Drum

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Survival cache’s a critical part of a well thought out survival strategy.  Survival caches should be placed strategically on your property, on your bug out route, and out your final bug out location.  There are many different materials you can use to cache your gear.  One of my personal favorite is a simple 5-gallon bucket you can get at any hardware or building store like Home Depot.  These waterproof buckets are the perfect way to store all your valuable preps that you don’t want ruined by water or rodents.  If your caching food within a 5-gallon bucket it can be helpful to wrap it in chicken wire, which will keep the mice and rats out.  What about scenarios when you need to store larger items underground?  Another simple solution is the 50-gallon old oil drum.  In this video you will learn how to build a cheap survival cache with a oil drum.  The oil drum cache will give you far more space then a traditional 5-gallon bucket, but is vulnerable to rain and rust.  The other issue you may run into is it’s a lot harder to burry a 50-gallon drum so the best option may be just to conceal it above the ground.  In this video you will learn the tricks you need to hide prepare and hide an oil drum.

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