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How to Build a Campfire That Will Last All Night

By April 8, 2016 No Comments

In a survival situation fire is critical for cooking, lighting, moral, and staying warm.  One of the main problems with using fire as a heat source is the fact you have to keep adding wood throughout the night. One solution is to build a big fire that will burn for hours, but then the heat is so strong you have to move away from it to stay comfortable.  Then, as the fire burns down it becomes cold in the middle of the night right when you need heat the most.  In this video you will learn a simple trick to keeping your fire going all night long.  Another option is to build a “upside down fire” which consist of stacking your biggest logs at the base of your fire stack.  Next, push dirt between each log to slow the burn rate of the fire.  Finally, make a small tee pee fire on the top of the stock to set the whole thing in motion.  These “upside down fires” can easily last multiple days if built correctly.  In our view, the technique demonstrated in this video is inferior to the upside down fire method, but still with knowing.  If you would like to know how to build a campfire that will last all night watch the video below.

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