Best Survival Knife for the Money


What is Best Survival Knife for the Money?

When you are in the wilderness survival becomes more important than anything else. With a good survival knife you can see to your basic needs such as food, wood for warmth and protection. A well made survival knife is capable of cutting wood, skinning and cleaning animals for food, creating a spark to start a fire and killing an attacking snake. You can even do a little wood carving to relax with this particular knife. The best knife on the market is the Benchmade Bushcrafter 162-1 EOD with a drop point blade and sand handle.

Why We Picked the Bushcrafter Fixed Blade

a picture of a benchmade bushcrafterThe Bushcrafter is a modern version of a bushcraft knife. This knife is capable of tackling almost anything the wilderness can throw your way. The blade is forged from steel and has unbelievable strength. The length of the cutting surface gives this knife the flexibility to stand up to any task. The contour of the handle and the hand blended sand mean you will not loose your grip at the worst possible moment. The grip is also more than capable of filling your hand. The best knife on the market should be solid with a thick blade and that describes the Bushcrafter perfectly. This knife also has the balance of point and edge down perfectly.

The choice of using S30V steel for the blade was ideal. This knife was made to be used heavily and the strength combined with the thickness of the blade ensures you will not have to worry about accidental breakage. This knife does not need a lot in the way of attention to remain in excellent working condition. Benchmade did not take any shortcuts with this survival knife. A true outdoorsman looks for certain qualities in a good knife. Durability, ease of sharpening, the length of time it will remain sharp while under use and the care the knife requires are usually highest on the list. The Bushcrafter blows through the list with ease and fulfills every single requirement.

How Does the Knife Sheath Stack Up?

a picture of a benchmade bushcrafter sheathThe sheath is made of a full grain leather and compliments the knife beautifully. The belt loop hits the nail right on the head. When frequently drawing and then sheathing your knife you will find it slides easily in and out. The sheath also ensures your knife is positioned for optimal ease and use. The liner holds the knife snug and is yet another reason this is the best survival knife there is. This knife enables full enjoyment out of being in the wilderness.

The most natural grip for most people is the forehand. The Bushcrafter handles this grip with no problem with a secure feeling in your hand. The backhand position feels easily as good. There are no issues with your palms axis when using this grip. Even the scissor grip works well and has a natural feel with this survival knife. The thumb push executes flawlessly. In short there is not a grip out there this knife can’t handle. The design and construction are absolutely flawless.

The Tang of a knife is defined by the portion of the blade that extends all the way down into the handle. This is crucial in a good survival knife. When the blade stops at the top of the knives handle it is going to break off. You can count on it. Again Benchmade did not miss a trick. There is a lot of variance in the types of materials used on a knives handle. The Bushcrafter has a handle made of hand blended sand with a nice contour. The handle is solid and can be easily gripped. The blade itself is fixed and constructed of a premium stainless steel. You can look the world over and never find a better survival knife. The pricing is well worth the money and not nearly as expensive as many survival knives of a lesser quality.

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Final Thoughts on the Benchmade

Whether you are a survivalist or just enjoy the outdoors for recreation you know the value of a good knife. The material used on the Bushcrafter combined with the way it was constructed make this a knife you can count on. Nobody wants a knife that is going to chip, warp, bend or actually break. Benchmade put quality of design and manufacturing into this beauty. This is a knife that will put pride of ownership into anyone who is smart enough to buy one.


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