Amazing Budget Underground Survival Shelter

Amazing Budget Underground Survival Shelter

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Do you want an underground survival shelter but don’t have the money to build one?  There are many companies out there selling expensive bunkers that coast $10,000 to up to several million dollars.  For most people this is out of their budget and many just give up setting up a background plan.  Instead of giving in, why not try to construct your own primitive shelter?  All you need to have is a piece of rural property and a lot of free time.  In this video the Southern Prepper shows you his amazing budget underground survival shelter.  The shelter consists of one main room which is 12 feet by 15 feet in diameter and 10 or so feet deep.  A primitive underground shelter like this is a great place to store food and supplies for when shit hits the fan.  There are a couple of key considerations one must consider when building a shelter.  First, you need to be in a very secluded area that does not get a lot of traffic.  Second, you need somewhere to dispose of the massive amount of dirt so nobody gets tipped off to your shelter by seeing large mounds of dirt all around the area.  Finally, it’s best to build a bunker like this on private property so you don’t have to worry about being kicked off later by property owners.  The biggest downside for a food storage shelter like this is the amount of labor involved in building it.  Digging out large amounts of dirt takes a long period of time and a lot of energy.  Make sure you know exactly what your getting involved in prior to starting.  Check out this amazing video form Southern Prepper.

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